Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why You Should Upgrade to DSLR Cameras

You might think only professionals and those who have a serious photography hobby should invest in digital SLR cameras. However, many people who aren't as "skilled" are making the switch and it's easy to understand why. Even if you're used to a simple point and shoot, here are some great reasons to make the switch:
  • Image Quality - Probably the real reason enthusiasts trade in for a better camera. Larger image sensors will take photos with larger pixels, meaning really great looking pictures with awesome detail. You will also enjoy faster shutter speeds and reduced noise.
  • Different Camera Lenses and Lens Filters - With a variety of lenses, you can further adapt to your subject. Whether you're photographing tiny insects or the Grand Canyon, high quality lenses cater to your perfect shot, while lens filters add unique effects to the photograph.
  • Fast Speeds - People love to take pictures at concerts or sporting events, but on a compact camera, it's not going to be a good shot. There will be a large number of pics to delete. But an excellent DSLR can keep up with even the fastest of players without it being a blurry mess.
  • Manual Controls - The manual controls on a DSLR may seem intimidating to newbies, but with a little eagerness to learn, you can turn a boring photo into an interesting and artistic one.


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