Thursday, January 19, 2012

The GigaPan EPIC: Revolutionary Camera Mounts

Panoramic shots are just plain cool. Whether you want a scenic mountain landscape or the skyline of your city at sunset with the sky a-blazing bright red around the neon lights, Panorama shots are unmatched. And there's a really cool way you can get exactly those shots using accessories for camera tripods. The product: a GigaPan camera mount.

The GigaPan EPIC is a robotic camera mount with the capability of empowering digital cameras, including but not limited to DSLR, to capture gigapixel images. The tripod mount comes with easy-to-use software that automatically combines the photos to create smooth panoramic shots the way you like them. It's this high quality image stitching that really makes these accessories shine.

The EPIC has three variations: EPIC, EPIC 100, and EPIC PRO. So, I'm guessing your next question is, "What are the differences and which do I choose?" Well, it depends on the camera you have. The EPIC is for smaller digital cameras. The point and shoot kind. The other two are larger so they can also handle DSLR. Each of these products provide for optimal positioning and you can achieve precision accuracy using them.

The next question you may have is, "where can I find these?" is a dedicated and professional photography equipment store with a track record for excellence. They have these revolutionary camera mounts along with many other handy accessories in stock at great prices.

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