Monday, December 12, 2016

Introducing the Lensbaby Creative Portrait Kit!

Express your visual voice with the new Lensbaby Creative Portrait Kit!

This kit contains Composer Pro II with the Edge 80 to set your subject apart in a slice of focus surrounded by a soft blur, the Optic Sweet 50 for a sweet spot of sharp focus set off by lots of bokeh and blur and the Optic Twist 60 for lots of twisty, swirly blur with a bright center of focus. For those shots where a more traditional look is desired, use the Edge 80 Optic like an 80mm Prime lens by putting it in the straight Twist 60 body. 

The Lensbaby Composer II with the Edge 80 installed.

Taken by April Milani with the Lensbaby Edge 80, part of the new Creative Portrait Kit

The Twist 60
Taken with the Lensbaby Twist 60 by Chris Zielecki
The Lensbaby Sweet 50

Taken by April Milani with the Lensbaby Sweet 50

The Creative Portrait Kit ships in January and it’s ready to pre-order now!