Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get the Color Right with Color Calibration

When it comes to professional photography, details are important --down to every last black spot on a ladybug. Color is just such an important detail. Any photographer will tell you color plays a vital role. Heck, any person who just enjoys looking at photographs knows that color needs to be spot on. But from the time you take the picture to the moment you print out the photograph, a lot can happen. And this is where color calibration software and hardware come into play.

Your computer monitor, printer, scanner, and digital camera all need to be in sync so that you can yield consistent colors. Sure you can fix the color in Adobe Photoshop, but it's tedious and time consuming. If your photos consistently produce the same problems, calibrating will cut out extra post-editing time.

Software uses ICC Profiles so that you can have consistent color between all your devices. In essence, you'll be looking at a lot of squares ranging from white to black. A similar process will be done with your printer and digital camera. You will need a target image photograph both on screen and printed. Basically you have to compare the two and then make adjustments to your camera settings so that they match up.

Purchasing color calibrating products from Super Digital City will make the process much simpler with step by step instructions. X-Rite is a popular choice for color management solutions that can be used on your home computer or for professional business use. Your photographs deserve precise color and why wouldn't you want to make life easier with color management? Be smart, save time, and enjoy the beauty of brilliant colors with half the work.

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