Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome to the SDC Photo Blog

Photography has been a staple of our society for decades. It is so completely integrated into our lives that we cannot even imagine life before the camera was invented. From historical documentation to personal use, we capture memories, stories, and creativity. We explore the definitions of reality through photo editing, lighting, lens filters, and other effects. It has opened up a portal to a new understanding of the world around us. But, it gets complicated and it gets expensive to photograph the world we see.

Here at the SDC Photo Blog, you will receive helpful tips, information on products, and news related to helping you enjoy your photography and find great prices.  Whether you are a professional photographer, a hobby photographer, or just wanted to learn about the field, this is your resource.  Learn about professional photography equipment and more each week.

Super Digital City, a division of Omega Merchants Inc., is devoted to serving the photography community with excellent service and pricing. Founded in 2005, they encourage shoppers to browse online for an easy and comfortable experience offering both pre- and post-sale customer service.  You can find numerous supplies in our inventory, all in brand-new factory sealed packaging unless otherwise noted.

Start enjoying your photography shopping today!

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