Thursday, January 19, 2012

Portability and Ease with a Monopod

When thinking about professional photography equipment, everyone always recommends tripods. And it's no surprise considering the positive effects they can have on your photography. But have you considered purchasing a monopod instead? Just like the name suggests, the monopod has one leg. One leg?! Does that mean they're at a disadvantage to camera tripods? Absolutely not! Monopods offer many great benefits, one being that they are more mobile and easier to pack with the rest of your equipment. That means more storage space for lenses and lighting, not to mention a lighter load when trekking to a gig.

Another reason why you should equip yourself with one is that some stadiums and sporting events actually prohibit tripods, so it's best to have one handy in case. The most popular materials used to construct them are aluminum/magnesium alloy and carbon fiber. The former weighs more and the latter is lighter, but more expensive. You'll want a quality brand to ensure that it is sturdy and can properly support your camera so as not to damage it.

When choosing a monopod, always pick one with twice the maximum weight capacity that you currently need in case you decide to upgrade to larger lenses down the line. Then you won't have to worry about buying a new monopod to hold it.

Monopods come in several different heights with either two or three section legs --secured by either a quick lock or a twist lock. carries a full line of both Induro and Benro monopods.

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