Monday, October 13, 2014

Enter the Ready for Anything Giveaway from SDC and Lumiquest!

“Be prepared.” That’s not just a motto, they’re words to live by! But if you’re a photographer, being ready for anything could mean a confusing and expensive array of gear and accessories. Check out the Lumiquest Ready For Anything Kit! This compact and efficient kit contains the ProMax system, a 6 piece set up that is built around the “80/20” bounce and also includes the Fxtra, a gel holder with an assortment of gels to balance your flash and the Ultra Strap which can be used with the kit as well as to securely attach photographic anything to anything else! 

Click here to enter!

You can win this kit, valued at $90, by entering the Ready for Anything Giveaway on our Facebook page! We're a Lumiquest authorized dealer, which means we carry the full line of Lumiquest products on our site.

Never worry you won’t be prepared for whatever kind of light you encounter on a shoot; with LumiQuest’s Ready For Anything kit, you’re covered!

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