Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Which Camera Is Right for Me?

A few weeks ago we delved into the different types of DSLR cameras available on the market. You feel a bit more confident, but you are still not sure which features to look for or how much to spend on a camera. It all depends on your purpose. Are you an amateur or a student? Are you interested in sports or news photography? Let's go over the features each type of photographer needs.
  • Hobbyists: Not ready to make an expensive plunge? Do not spend more than $600 for the body and starter lens. Resolution can be anywhere from 6-15 megapixels with a frame rate of 2fps to 5fps and a burst depth of 5 to 6 shots. Also look for a compact body and a lightweight zoom lens.
  • Students: Students who are seriously considering photography as a career should spend less than $1,000 on a body and starter lens. 12-18 megapixels offers great resolution. The frame rate should be 5fps to 8fps or faster with a burst depth of 10 shots or more. AF speed and tracking should be the best you can afford and video should be 24 or 30fps. The DSLR should have a comprehensive viewfinder, good raw-conversion software, and comprehensive flash-control features.
  • News/sports/action: Whether your pictures are printed in magazines, newspaper, or on the Internet, a DSLR for you is a serious investment. Expect to pay $1,000 and up for the body. Resolution needs to be 10 megapixels or more while the body all metal and weather-resistant. The frame rate should be 8fps to 10fps and a burst depth of 40 shots or more. Video should also be 30fps or faster. Purchase an extensive telephoto lens and look for simultaneous raw-plus-JPEG capture, flexible white-balance, and good battery life.
Check back next week when we dive into other types of photography and the best features to have.

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