Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tips for Composing a Shot

Even with all the best equipment and digital camera lenses in the world, anyone can still take a terrible photograph. While there are no “rules” per say for taking a photograph, there are basic guidelines that can help beginners improve their technique. It's all about composing the photo, so let's go over some basics:
  • Hopefully you already know about the rule of thirds. For whatever reason we've all grown up with the idea to center the subject, which usually makes for the most boring photographs. Instead, put the focus somewhere else in the frame and don't discount other elements in the shot. By viewing the picture as a 3x3 grid, you can avoid placing the focal image in the center.
  • Think about viewpoint and angles. Before you set the shot, think about your audience and how they will view the photo. Taking the picture at eye-level as opposed to the bottom right will give a completely different perspective. What do you want to show?
  • Backgrounds are equally as important as the focal point on the picture. A terrible background can distract the viewer and ruin the shot. If you can move around it or move your subject, go for it. Of course you can edit later on the computer, but aim for a perfect shot each time.
  • Finally, think about depth. Depth will make your photo look more realistic. Try to take a picture where there are objects and/or elements at different distances.    

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