Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Standards of Standard Lenses

Over the past few weeks we've spent a great deal of time talking about the different digital camera lenses. But what about the standard lens? What could you possibly do with something that seems so...standard? A lot actually! A standard lens falls in between a wide-angle and a telephoto. It will make pictures look just as they do with your own eyes, no exaggerations and distance between objects look normal.

So what can you do with a standard lens, or rather why would you want to use it? For starters, your photographs look natural. It's as simple as that. Using other lenses can draw your attention to particular parts of the photo while forgetting the rest. With a standard, your eyes are drawn to exactly what's in the frame. Standard lenses are also wonderful at letting in more light, especially if you go for more expensive ones. They have larger apertures which can nicely blur backgrounds, work in low light without flash, and improve image quality because you use a lower ISO. But you don't even need to spend a great deal of money to still enjoy these features, meaning you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Standard lenses are very versatile and they're perfect when you have room to play around with your shot. You can use them for full-length portraits, street photography, landscapes, group photos, and more. And let's not forget they are much lighter than their counterparts, making them ideal for travel.

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