Monday, April 2, 2012

See Through the Eyes of Lenses

After successful lessons on photography lighting equipment, we'd like to shift into a new direction. If there is any piece of equipment as crucial as lighting, it's lenses. Without quality digital camera lenses, there is no photograph to showcase. The lens is the eye of the camera, capturing every minute detail, every ounce of color. Photographers can spend thousands of dollars on lenses because they know quality means everything. But besides quality, photographers need to purchase the right lens for the job, along with the knowledge of how to setup the focal length correctly.

Camera lenses are not just required of professionals. Anyone with a serious hobby will find that different lenses can take one's photographs to new heights. The lens you use for portraits isn't going to be the same you use for landscape or sports. Not all lenses were created equal.

Over the next few weeks we'll discuss the different types of lenses, such as macro, wide-angle, telephoto, etc., as well as tips, when to use them, and how to care for them. Super Digital City offers some of the best lenses to fit all major brand DSLR cameras and the proper accessories. Check back next week when we delve into prime versus zoom lenses.

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