Monday, March 12, 2012

Expanding Usage with an External Flash

Quite some time ago we talked about the basics of an external flash, also known as a speedlite. Essentially, professional photographers will take much better shots with an external rather than relying on the camera's internal flash. But how can you get the most of your external? There are quite a number of tips and tricks –some we'll go over today and the rest we'll continue next week.

The first tip is to bounce the light from the external flash. This is great for indoor shots because it can enhance your photos. Angle the flash towards the ceiling, which essentially gives you a large light-colored surface to reflect off of –meaning you have a large softbox without an actual softbox. Try rotating it to bounce light off the wall as well or angle it into a corner. All these methods will create a softer lighting scheme.

Okay what about situations where the ceilings are too high or if you're outdoors? In these scenarios, you need to reflect light in order to soften it. Some external flashes come with a white card that extends from the top. The purpose? When the flash is pivoted correctly, it will create a surface for the light to bounce off of toward the subject. If yours does not come with a card, look for accessories to attach to your flash that create a surface.

Check back next week for other great photography lighting equipment tips!

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