Thursday, February 2, 2012

Utilizing a Barn Door

There is a lot of photography lighting equipment on the market these days. Today's focus are barn doors, an item many of us are familiar with but few of us really know what they're for. We've probably all noticed them during school picture time. They are typically used for just studio photography and portraits. Barn doors allow you to adjust how much light hits the subject and where it will be directed. Most barn doors are fairly similar, differing mainly in size; 

After attaching the barndoor, you can then adjust the swiveling doors by pivoting them on the hinges. The closer you bring in the doors, the narrower the beam of light that will hit the subject. How far you open them is dependent on the effect that you are going for. A narrow beam will create a more dramatic look. Keep in mind that you will not get a straight edge of light from the doors because the light will bounce off the walls and will soften the edges.

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